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    Vascular Laser

    DL Vascular laser by Lumenis can cure rosacea, rosacea from varicose veins, blemishes and dark eye socket. Vascular laser at BSL clinic is a tool that works only with hemoglobin. The laser works by making the excessive blood vessels shrink, thus the skin becomes whitening. It also reduces redness when exposure to the sun or dark eye sockets resulting from too many blood vessels during inadequate sleep.



    How’s its principle?

    In particular, laser beam will bind to red blood cells with oxygen, thus it does not affect any other pigments. After that, blood vessels will shrink. Moreover, generated heat also helps to build collagen in the dermis.


    Symptoms after treatment

    After Vascular laser, veins will turn a little darker and gradually fade thereafter. There’s no scar after treatment and patients can go to work normally.


    Maintenance after Vascular laser

    There is no rehabilitation. Patients can go to work normally, do not have to avoid the sun. The laser works only on vessels only.


    How long does the treatment take?

    Each treatment reveals that vein and redness are faded. This can be seen from the first treatment. BSL clinic medical team By Anan clinic has been invented and developed treatment of blood vessels, rosacea And redness Continuously by a combination of treatments including healthy skin care, Less sensitive to light and reduce irritation. Our skin creation provides healthy from within together with the use of technology to reduce the incidence of new capillaries to keep your skin healthy and whitening.


    Treatment of blood vessels and rosacea Vascular Changes

    Before redness treatment

    four times after redness treatment

    Before treatment of redness from acne and inflammatory acne

    four times after treatment of redness from acne and inflammatory acne

    Before treatment of redness and inflammatory acne

    four times after treatment of redness and  inflammatory acne



    Article By
    Wutinan Sithipolvanichgul, MD

    Specialized in Dermatologic Surgery and Laser
    - Dermatologist, MSc UK
    - Specialized in Dermatologic Surgery and Laser
    - Member of American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery
    - Master class: Surgical Laser Procedures and Pigmented Laser in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
    - Education in laser from such medical professional as Richard Rox Anderson M.D., who has been praised for his expertise in the global skin laser.

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