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    CO2 laser

    Co2 Laser

          Carbon dioxide laser (CO2 laser) that BSL clinic choose from the United States is a high performance laser during 10,600 nanometer wavelength. Its beam is transmitted through skin into the depth of 20-30 micron, high resolution and adjustable depths, effective and safe without bleeding after treatment. This type of laser requires expertise in order to avoid scarring.


    What can CO2 laser by BSL clinic cure?

    • Melanocytic nevus

    • Seborrheic keratosis /  Skin Tag

    • Wart



    • Milia


    • Sebaceous gland hyperplasia

    • Syringoma



    • Epidermal inclusion cyst

    Treatment outcome at BSL clinic

         The wound after CO2 laser is smooth and very small. There are few flakes after treatment. Flakes will fall off naturally within 5-7 days. After those flakes exfoliate, pink skin will be revealed without scarring. If processed by a doctor who has experience and expertise, most patients are often cured in the first treatment. Unless the deep mole, you may need to be repeated to remove the roots out again to avoid scarring.

    After treatment

    • Avoid touching the wound for about 24 hours to prevent infection.
    • Take antibiotics until the flakes fall off So that new healthy skin is built up without scarring.  BSL clinic has Experience and technical development in the therapy with CO2 laser for over 30 years curing moles, lentigines, acrochordon, cysts and sweat gland without the need for surgery, so the wound is beautiful, no scar and can go to work normally after treatment.    

    Before & after, immediately after treatment, and after two months.


          Typical cases immediately before and after treatment, this patient was afraid to do, so let it grows bigger, and lay over until notched as shown in the picture. BSL medical team can remove acrochordon out without bleeding. Immediately after treatment, there are few flakes which will fall off naturally within 5-7 days. The wound is smooth as usual.


    Two weeks before and after pyogenic granuloma treatment, the redness will disappear within two months.


         The case study is difficult to treat because it is pyogenic granuloma which normally needs the surgery. Patients can be treated without stop working or scarring after surgery by BSL medicalteam.



    Article By
    Wutinan Sithipolvanichgul, MD

    Specialized in Dermatologic Surgery and Laser
    - Dermatologist, MSc UK
    - Specialized in Dermatologic Surgery and Laser
    - Member of American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery
    - Master class: Surgical Laser Procedures and Pigmented Laser in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
    - Education in laser from such medical professional as Richard Rox Anderson M.D., who has been praised for his expertise in the global skin laser.

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