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    Tumescent Liposuction

    Liposuction Review: Questions before liposuction

    Nowadays, women and men want to have good shape, so they try to find out how to lose weight. Thus, nutrition care is so important. Eating fruits and vegetables and 5 food groups is best way. But when there is excess fat, do you need some helps? Liposuction is a shortcut that many people think of. (I want to eat everything, what should I do when I get fat?) Is it a good idea to do? How dangerous is liposuction? Is it expensive? There are many questions to answer before operation. I thus want to educate more knowledge about before and after treatment, advantages and disadvantages.




    What is liposuction? Is it good to do?

    For easy understanding, liposuction is to remove fat layer under the skin from unwanted parts using removal tool (the American Academy of Dermatology, 2000). There are many kinds of tool.


    What tools are available in liposuction? What is the best?

    The simple classification based on tools used to assist liposuction.

    1. Conventional liposuction is the liposuction without the aid of a tool. Thus, it’s done manually. This is found more bruising, likely to lose more blood than other methods and takes longer time.
    2. Power-assisted liposuction is the liposuction with the aid of tool instead of manual. The physician is less tired, especially around the navel and save liposuction time (Coleman, 2001).
    3. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction, such as VASER Lipo, use ultrasound waves to break down the fat and then suck out. This reduces blood loss and trauma of tissues under the skin. Another advantage is this can be done at belly muscle because it makes up fibrosis. The disadvantage is that physician must have expertise in this machine because the skin may burn if not careful and cause subcutaneous cyst easily. (Lawrence, 2000). Follow this link for VDO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpqQt2xVuvk.
    4. Laser-assisted liposuction such as Smartlipo, Slimlipo, AccuSculpt is the liposuction which use laser beam to break down the fat and then suck out. There are several types of wavelength. The advantages are that all areas can be achieved and some machines can stimulate skin tightening. Follow this link for VDO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vher8Z2hgOE.
      Another advantage is that the tip of laser beam has light, which can locate the liposuction position (FAKHOURIet al., 2011 the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery).
    5. Radiofrequency-assisted liposuction such as Bodytigh has the wave receiver installed on its top to tighten the skin after treatment. Fat melting is done using radio frequency. Follow this link for VDO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYj2ah4tK5Q.
      We cannot specify which machine is the best. But there are advantages of each machine. For easy understanding, ultrasound-assisted liposuction will be fast and better in the areas with more fat such as belly or thighs. Laser-assisted liposuction can be done at all parts depending on the type. Radiofrequency-assisted liposuction is better for small area such as facial (The details of each wave will be described separately). However, the main factor is expertise of the physician. Doctor will not show pictures of patients before and after treatment here due to privacy. You can search from google: type before and after.. followed by machines that you want to know.


    Fig 2: The study visit about liposuction in the United States by BSL clinic medical team


    Can liposuction actually lose weight?

    Liposuction is not a long-term weight loss but reshape specific parts. Thus the exercise with diet primarily make everyone look good (Liposuction is more like shaping the body).
    “It is appropriate in people who are at or near their ideal body weight and who wish to undergo selective contouring of excess subcutaneous fat in body locations” (Coldiron, 2006 by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery)


    Which position would be able to remove fat?



    Fig 3 Liposuction position: inner or outer thighs, abdomen (belly), breast in men or women, buttocks, knees, legs, upper arms, face, such as chin, nape and cheek bulge. In conclusion, almost all parts that patients want to remove unwanted fat.


    How safe is liposuction?

    All surgery has risks. Therefore, doctor who has the knowledge and expertise is needed. Potential Infection, swelling, tool puncture through the peritoneum, feeling numb at the liposuction area, The most severe side effects is fat embolism which may result in death (U S Food and Drug Administration, 2012)

    All is the opinion of the author with no intention to attack or convince any goods but in exchange for better understanding and to keep patients informed on aspects of the author. Doctor will elaborate more about liposuction further. If you want to know anything you can question.


    Article By
    Wutinan Sithipolvanichgul, MD

    Specialized in Dermatologic Surgery and Laser
    - Dermatologist, MSc UK
    - Specialized in Dermatologic Surgery and Laser
    - Member of American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery
    - Master class: Surgical Laser Procedures and Pigmented Laser in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
    - Education in laser from such medical professional as Richard Rox Anderson M.D., who has been praised for his expertise in the global skin laser.

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