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    Laser Hair Removal

    Hair Removal

    Our skin is composed of hairs. There are many types of hair may be black, brown, or others as genetic characteristics. The hairs cover skin throughout the body parts such as skin, eyelashes, eyebrows, arms, legs, underarms and hidden spot which hairs in each area are unequal thick and length.



    Factors that stimulate hair

    Normally, hair growth is based upon various areas of the body at a normal rate. Each area has unequal hair growth rate such as facial hair is growing at 0.06 mm per day, while body hair is growing at 0.12 mm per day. The proliferation of hair varies according to stimulated factors as follows;

    • Adolescence or at age 15 in females and 13 in males. During the body produces androgen hormone in large quantities which result in stronger hair growth up on the upper lip and hidden spot. Hairs in the underarm area will begin to grow two years after that. These hairs persist even if the hormone is declining.
    • During gestation period Hormone levels in the body is changed. Some may have hairs around their lips, chin or cheek. These conditions will disappear after childbirth.
    • Golden years or menopause is a period during which ovaries of females stop to function. As a result, the body produces more androgen hormones to compensate. In patients with normal hormone levels hairs grow as usual but in some people with sensitivity to the androgen hormone are more prolific than normal.
    • Ethnicity, European and West have more hairs than Asian.
    • Medication The use of steroids, Anticonvulsants, immunosuppressive or various treatment drugs can result in hair growth.



    Hair removal methods

    Currently there has been devised a method of hair removal in several ways to enhance confidence and personality. This can be classified in several ways as follows.

    • Shaving is a quick and easy way and most popular But Hair will grow back in a short time, harder and rougher.
    • Plucking is another popular way but quite painful and vulnerable to ingrown hairs from the wrong plucking or using unclean equipment. New ingrown Hair may become a black spot or infected abscess.
    • Medication, used Drugs include cream Gel, powder or foam spray, Apply them on needed hair removal area By allowing the drug absorbed into the pores So that the hairs fell out. The disadvantage is that it may cause allergy and longer hair will come out and look stronger than ever.
    • Waxing, both liquid and adhesive, Is a simple and convenient way. Apply wax on adhesive strip at the desired area get rid of the hairs. Leave it to dry and then pull out quickly. But this method is painful. The hairs will stick out with wax. It pulls hairs from the skin without damaging their roots. The new-grown hairs will be thin. Hairs were also reduced drastically.
    • The use of hormones, some hormones can stop hairs growth.
    • Permanent hair removal with electrical current is hair removal with electrical pulses by using the devices to emit electromagnetic waves through the hair follicles to make them weak and eventually dead. Then use electric tweezers to pull hairs out. This method of hair removal It is quite painful and may have a dent at that point And take long time to remove hair.
    • Lasers are becoming popular and trendy.



    The use of energy from the laser beam to eliminate pigment cells of the hairs lies deep beneath the skin. There are many kinds of lasers such as 695 Laser Hair removal, LongPulse-Nd:YAG. This must be done approximately 4-5 times a month. Hair follicle is slowly being destroyed without any changes to the skin which results in a more permanent and less pain than other hair removal. The medical team can set the laser to destroy at hair follicle. It is a long-term hair removal.


    The performance of the laser at BSL clinic will destroy the hair follicle and give the most effective treatment in the long term.


    Each method has different advantages and disadvantages depending on the type of hair skin condition and other appropriate. However, patients should ask doctor or specialist for proper advice.



    Article By
    Wutinan Sithipolvanichgul, MD

    Specialized in Dermatologic Surgery and Laser
    - Dermatologist, MSc UK
    - Specialized in Dermatologic Surgery and Laser
    - Member of American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery
    - Master class: Surgical Laser Procedures and Pigmented Laser in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
    - Education in laser from such medical professional as Richard Rox Anderson M.D., who has been praised for his expertise in the global skin laser.

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