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    Belotero filler

    Belotero filler

    To resolve furrows, wrinkles by using Hyaluronic acid.

    Not only aging that causes wrinkles and furrows, the ordinary lifestyle with pollution also makes our skin get worse before appropriate time.


    The Hyaluronic acid can help fulfill and hydrate the skin. Making the deep groove smoother and change face shape to look naturally younger and more beautiful. We each have different problems that need to be resolved, so BSL expert medical team has chosen BELOTERO that has been searched and developed for being various to help resolve directly the skin problem on the right  point.



     Belotero Hydro : To resolve dry skin by fulfilling water to get back the hydration skin. The skin will look younger, fresher, brighter and fine lines will get better or even gone.

    Belotero Soft : Used for resolving wrinkles, shallow grooves such as wrinkles around the eyes and improve acne scars to get better. 

    Belotero Balance : Used for fine lines, shallow wrinkle, fine lines around the eyes and making plump lips or sexy lips.

    Belotero Intense : To lift up and support the face muscles, fulfill furrows such as glabellar (lines between the eyebrows), cheek lines, smile lines and jaw lines.

    Belotero Volume : Used for lifting faces, replacing the gristle to get beauty face instruction, fulfilling the grooves that need to be fixed such as cheek lines, smile lines, chins and noses.

    However, choosing Hyaluronic for any treatment to get the best results dependding on expertise of the doctors. The BSL expert medical team has special technique in using Hyaluronic as well as specialized in facial design for treating our patients on the appropriate way and safe. The amount of Hyaluronic compare with severity of the problem areas is essential that must be precise to gain the most effective result as you deserve.


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