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    Hair thinning, Hair Loss

    Hair loss and baldness

    These conditions can cause insecurity and lack of confidence for both men and women.  If these problems are left untreated, permanent hair loss can occur and result in difficult black hair thickening.



    Hair loss and baldness occur for several reasons, including poor blood circulation, unbalanced nutrition, too much hormone DHC (dihydrotestosterone), stress, certain diseases such as anemia, hyperthyroidism, diabetes and hormonal disorders, for example, mothers after child birth or people regularly exposed to use of chemical hair dyes such as hair curling spray, dandruff shampoo  fungus on scalp, over-active sebaceous glands, etc. Some people buy medicine to treat hair loss but it doesn’t lessen hair loss because the real cause of hair loss is not handled properly. Therefore, the approach to stop hair loss is to analyze the causes of real problem to get an explicit and sustainable result.



    Each day, if you loss 50-100 strands of hair, it is considered normal. But if you loss more than 100 strands per day for more than one week, you have hair loss disorder or your hair may be broken in the center. There may be some losses in eyebrows, mustache and other parts of your body.

    Hair Life Cycle can be divided as follows:

    • Phase one. Hair is getting longer. The period is three years. About 90% of hair on the scalp is on this phase.

    • Phase Two is when your hair stops growing. The period is approximately 3 months.

    • Phase Three is when your hair begins to fall since your hair follicle gradually move from the original boundary layer of fat and dermis to the middle of dermis. When gently pulled, it will easily slip. This period is about three weeks.

    • Resting Phase. After that, hair follicles stop growing for another 3-5 months before new hair begins to grow.


    There are many different main causes of hair loss as follows:

    Alopecia  Areata

    There are circular or oval patches of hair loss and maybe some in other parts of body. Hair in some people may grow by itself within six months to one year, and some may lose their hair again. About 50% of hair loss is caused by stress or immune system disorders in hair roots. To treat  this is not difficult, but it must be treated properly and appropriately to individual patient in order to quickly grow your hair back and not to lose it again.


    Telogen Effluvium

    Hair loss due to the physical and mental stress such as illness after surgery or child birth. Hair loss often occurs after having stress for 2-3 months. When it is properly treated, the hair will grow back within 6 months to 1 year.

    Chronic Telogen Hair Loss

    Chronic hair loss in women is similar to the hereditary hair loss. Volume or thickness of hair decreases. But there is no space between hair (regular space). Supplements are necessary for treatment including iron, vitamin B12 and lysine which are available in yolks and meat.


    Androgenetic  Alopecia

    Hair loss due to genetic conditions and testosterone which increase based on age can be found in males with more than 20 years. They usually have thin hair at the front or the center of the head. While women usually show sign of baldness at the center of the head. Hair at the front has normal size but the amount of hair decreases showing thin hair.


    In addition, there are many causes of hair loss, for example:

    • Disorders of the thyroid gland.

    • SLE

    • Lack of protein or iron.

    • syphilis infections

    • drugs used to treat cancer.

    • The use of force to pull hair (ex. tight hair band).

    • hair loss in children may result from a fungal infection of the scalp causing hair loss in the infected area.



    Treatment of hair loss due to heredity and testosterone changes. (Androgenetic Alopecia)

    Currently, drug considered effective in treating this type of hair loss is Minoxidil, Finasteride and Dutasteride. There may be ointment or pills. Medication should be under the control of doctor. The doctor will decide the dose given. You should not stop treatment on your own because sudden suspension of medication can cause return of hair loss.

    • Minoxidil ointment stimulate hair growth causing increase of nearly-doubled size of the hair. This needs to be taken continuously. If stopped, hair loss may return. This ointment can be used both in men and women.

    • finasteride 0.05% can lower Testosterone level in scalp for 40%, resulting in decrease of hair loss in men and women.

    • Minoxidil pills increase hair thickness in scalp, eyelashes, arms and legs within two months. For side effects, some may have swelling area around eyes or face. When hair grows, decrease of medication is needed. If stopped immediately, hair loss may return. When resume medication, you will double the usage due to drug resistance. This pill is not recommended for females due to mustache growth.

    • Taking Finasteride pills in males after 3-4 months of treatment showed that approximately 70% of patients has hair growth but they needed to take pills continuously for at least two years. It may not be effective in postmenopausal women. Except for those with high testosterone, it resulted well.

    • Use shampoo that contains medicine and hair growth factors, specially formulated and developed by BSL clinic. Washing your hair every 2-3 day for about 3-6 months will result in testosterone suppression and hair roots strengthening. This is proven by remarkably effective treatment result from many patients.

    • To obtain effective treatment requires three drug combination.

    • Other drugs that may be effective in some cases include Cimetidine, Flutamide, Spironolactone and green tea extract

    • Hair transplant is one of the methods that is used to treat hair loss due to heredity. In present, hair transplant provides effective results. It’s similar to natural hair which can be combed and styled, and helps grow hair permanently. However, hair transplant may have to be operated multiple times. This depends on the amount of fallen hair and expertise of technical surgeon.


    Combination of BSL's exclusive Laser Hair Regrowth and Meso Hair growth therapy.



    Applying topical medications alone cannot deliver the drug into the hair follicle effectively causing ineffective or slow treatment. BSL Skin & Laser Center combines high performance technology that can deliver drugs directly to the hair follicle, adding essential nutrients to hair by serum formulated specifically that do not hurt the scalp. It is safe and stimulate the hair roots to naturally grow. This procedure is enhanced by BSL's exclusive Laser Hair Regrowth Treatment with high quality laser to restore hair restoration and especially improve blood circulation and lymphatic system. It also stimulates the hair follicle, decrease atrophy of hair follicle cells, causing hair to look thicker and stop hair loss as the cause of premature baldness.


    Article By
    Wipanee Akarapusit M.D. (Dermatologist)

    Specialize in Dermatologic Laser and Surgery, Facial Design and Body Contouring

    MSc Dermatology, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
    Specialize in Dermatologic Laser and Surgery, Facial Design and Body Contouring
    Member of American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery

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