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    Anti-Cellulite Treatment

    Perfect Body Program for weight loss, firming, and eliminating cellulite fully integrated with remarkable results.

    Firming shape without excess fat can help to build confidence. We believe that anyone wants to have a precise and attractive shape. But there’s a problem with numerous attempts to lose weight and not work. Do not be discouraged. Today we have an alternative way from BSL clinic medical expert which will help you to resolve problem with remarkable results.

     “Shape” and “excess fat” problems are caused by several factors Including genetics, stress, inadequate sleep, hormonal changes, poor metabolic system, increasing age, rush lifestyle and the food we eat, etc.

    Solving the problem of an excess shape correctly need to be done holistically. Different people have different and unique problem. Therefore, for secure and remarkable results without getting fat again, it is to be understood in each individual. The understanding that says stop eating to get good shape is not quite right. Maybe that you eat a lot, it may come from the mechanism in the body that you cannot control or bad metabolism.

    However, wide range of current medical science helps people who have problems with the body, not only weight and excess fat but including cellulite problem, sagging skin and stretch marks and others. You can have slimmer shape, tighten and smooth skin. Physicians may use only one or many kinds of medical technology or several approaches to get incredible results.

    The key to bring different results are physician’s knowledge, expertise in the analysis the cause of obesity, proficiency in the use of technology, tool performance as well as supervision and monitoring. All these are factors that you should ask your physician and educate yourself on one level in order to understand the problem and the corresponding results. The recommendation is to select reliable establishment or clinic that has doctors who you can check to prevent side effects, complications including other potential issues.

    Following this success, we found the heart of weight loss and slim-fitting look within a short time. Finally, our experienced medical team is ready to reveal this trick in BSL Perfect Body Program, a highly successful in selection high effective technology for your shape.


    5 Steps to get slim toned body

    1. Analyze fat percentage, fat mass and fat metabolism.
    2. Design weight and excess loss formula for each individual by experienced medical team.
    3. Boost metabolism and build muscle mass with Quick Loss Supplement instead of exercise.
    4. Eliminating cellulite and fat mass as well as tighten skin by Body Treatment Program
    5. Prevent "yo-yo effect"

    Troubling right? Proportions and cellulite reduction are going down.

    Having taper arm, firm thighs, flat stomach and smoother skin is not hard anymore with medical science and physical shape that suits the individual.

    • Slimming with Thermage
    • Eliminate fat with Liposuction program
    • Eliminate fat and skin tightening with New Relax F Treatment
    • Eliminate cellulite with Meso Super Slim program
    • Increased fat burning with muscle strengthening and metabolism stimulation
    • Provide analysis of cause and degree of obesity to design weight loss program and improve the shape appropriately.

    RelaxF Fat & Cellulite Reduction

    Body Lift in various areas effectively that you notice a difference immediately. 


    Because cellulite is a challenging problem areas that can happen to anyone, even people who are not overweight. It is well known that cellulite cannot be degraded by means of general fitness. RelaxF was invented to solve the problem of cellulite entirely. Dissolving accumulated fat, cellulite is broken down into small particles. Body Lift in various areas effectively that you notice a difference immediately. 

    Enhance the confidence of personality by the asymmetrical shape with taper arm, firm thighs, flat stomach and smoother skin.

    RelaxF is the ultimate technology that uses RF waves both Monopolar and Bipolar. It can destroy cellulite thoroughly. Muscle is tightened up. Fluid circulatory system is better. High security and do not leave any trace after treatment.

    Meso Super Slim

    Improve circulatory system, strengthen connective tissue cells and degradation of fat deeply, reduce cellulite, and eliminate fat and orange skin at leg, arm, hip, thigh or abdomen by sending drugs and special nutrients with a very small special needle that can take those drugs into the problem areas in the skin deeply. Improve circulatory system, strengthen connective tissue cells and degradation of excess fat. IT’s enriched with natural nutrients to nourish the skin. It also stimulates blood circulation. The skin will feel smoother and more toned.

    Weight loss with Meso Super  Slim

    Mesotherapy is the process of sending medicines or nutrients with digital needle that can take those drugs into the problem areas in the skin deeply. The process was innovative and necessary for patients who want to lose weight. Fat cells are physical changed because the signal that causes fat accumulation is prevented. Meanwhile, it is encouraging accumulated fat to be released. Patients can choose a problem area needs to be treated. Also, there are cuisine and nutrition evaluations to help patients maintain goal weight.

    Reducing cellulite with Meso Super  Slim

    Cellulite affects women, mostly during age of 20 years or more. Resulting from uneven distribution of fat leading to an abnormal excess fat, subcutaneous tissue weakness, lymphatic congestion and imbalance conditions of hormone levels in the body.  Cellulite is divided into four stages depending on the vertical, horizontal and twist of the skin.    Although cellulite cause unwanted proportion but cellulite is not caused by excess weight.  Mesotherapy solves this problem by delivering the drugs or nutrients with a very small special needle that can take those drugs into the problem areas in the skin deeply to improve circulatory system, strengthen connective tissue cells and eliminate excess fat.

    This is non-surgical therapy, thus it is painless. A red spot may have occurred after the treatment but will disappear soon. After treatment patients can do normal daily activities immediately. Treatment should be repeated, especially early in treatment, so the results are remarkable until you feel it.

    New Treatment

    Skin Tightening by Thermage reduces body wrinkles and tightens the skin without trace or wound. The difference can be seen after first treatment with specific techniques provided by BSL clinic by pulling the vector to lift the skin for immediate results.  

    Thermage Treatment (Skin Tightening) is the latest technology used to reduce wrinkles and tighten the skin without trace or wound as well as stimulate and create collagen for the skin. As a result, the skin structure becomes smoother, bright, healthy and vibrant.

    Thermage Treatment (Skin Tightening) introduces radio frequency technology that has been proved the ability to make the skin firm and smooth as well as reduce wrinkles on the body, face and neck. The procedures can be followed easily, conveniently and fast without trace or wound. Patients can carry out normal daily activities immediately, unlike laser treatments, and compatible with all skin types.

    How does Thermage Treatment (Skin Tightening) process work?

    RF energy provided by Thermage Treatment (Skin Tightening) tool evenly generates heat which tightens structure underneath the skin immediately. Collagen is then built up to tighten the skin continuously. The result is healthy, firmer, smoother and younger skin.


    How long will the effect last?

    Treatment with Thermage (Skin Tightening) will result in immediate tightening of the collagen beneath the skin and continue to increase steadily. The effect of treatment lasts at least 24 months or more depending on the characteristics and age of the individual.

    How many treatments do we need to see a good result?

    Only one treatment is needed or regarding medical expert’s discretion, comparing with laser that requires at least four times or more to treat to see therapeutic effect.

    Before treatment, patients who have problems after birth will have excess sagging skin. Picture after treatment with Perfect Body Program:
    immediate visible results after treatment and will gradually be better after three months

    One of the patients who have sagging skin around the abdomen was treated with Perfect Body Program by Thermage only once. The result after a period of 3 months is extraordinary. This is safe, despite postpartum patient can continue breastfeeding.

    Article By
    Wipanee Akarapusit M.D. (Dermatologist)

    Specialize in Dermatologic Laser and Surgery, Facial Design and Body Contouring
    MSc Dermatology, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
    Specialize in Dermatologic Laser and Surgery, Facial Design and Body Contouring
    Member of American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery

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