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    Eyes skin: Dark eye circle, wrinkles, hollowness, eye bags, eyelids ptosis

    Dark circle under eyes, wrinkles, and bags under the eyes can be fixed

                Talking about the skin around the eyes, people know well that it is more sensitive and delicate than other skins on the face. So it is easy to face several problems easily. No one surely wants to have panda eyes on beautiful face. Event thought you already have them or not, you need to understand about them to protect them getting more or you can find the way to fade them correctly in order to keep young. They are classified into 3 groups.

    3 main problems about the eyes

                1. Inflation of bags under the eyes

                This thing is from accumulated water and fat around the eyes. When you get older, collagen and elastin are deteriorated and loosened, which have the bags under the eyes got bigger. The congested water in the bags is also from other causes such as allergy, sinus infection, high blood pressure, eating too salty, or event crying as well.

                2. Dark circle under the eyes or panda eyes and gloomy skin

                Their causes are from unusual circular blood system which makes the vein expanding and affecting to the leakage of blood. Because capillary is weakened, so it is easy to leak and get congested, which cause dark circle surround the eyes. And accumulated melanin under skin because of heredity and the others that irritate the eyes such as rubbing, eczema, cosmetic allergy, and so on are also the causes.

                3. Wrinkles surround the eyes and deep wrinkles

                When the collagen and the elastin are harmed, the skin loses flexibility and tightness. They cause deep wrinkles around the eyes especially downside and tail and rumple skin. The skin under the eyes is sensitive and delicate, so it is easy to be harmed. There are also many stimulation that affect to the eyes such as smiling, laughing, crying, and other emotional expressions, sunlight, smoking cigarette, and irritating to under eye skin. They are causes of the wrinkles.

    How to reduce dark circles Wrinkles and bags under the eyes urgent. And long-term safety

    After knowing the causes of dark circles, bags under the eyes and wrinkles, we will see how we can prevent and resolve this dilemma.

    1. Reducing the amount of coffee and quitting smoking.
    Eating spicy food, salty food, smoking and boozing can cause imperfect blood circulation. Since we know that the dark circles under the eyes is directly related to the quality of blood circulation beneath the skin under the eyes. Poor blood circulation can cause dark circles easily.

    2. Clean around the eyes
    Clean around the eyes regularly using special formula detergent with property in washing impurities and grease stains residue deeply. During cleaning, massage the skin around eyes circularly, but do not rub. Rubbing vigorously may rupture blood vessels causing pigmentation and become less effective.

    3. Try not to stress and getting enough rest.

    Stress and inadequate sleep increase melanin production causing dark circles on under eyes skin.

    4. Around the eyes treatment with appropriate products and methods

    Use skincare from Skinesia, especially those containing collagen, elastin, ceramide, phyto sphingosine, Shiso extract, Hyyluronic acid, Aloe vera and vitamin E on a regular basis for urgent rehabilitation. This makes nourishing cream penetrate into the skin easily and can restore vibrant to the skin around the eyes.

    5. Laser treatment

    The treatment that works quickly and best in results, doing laser treatment allows you to see better results clearly but must be supervised and under decision of doctor.

    • Periorbital darkening; treatment with medical equipment to cure pigment. Q-switched laser can reduce dark circles under the eyes effectively.   
    • Infraorbital swelling and edema: the use of laser in vascular laser: long pulsed Nd-Yag laser can damage blood vessels that cause dark circles effectively.
    • Infraorbital depression/tear trough: many people with dark circles under the eyes do not have problem with pigment malfunction. But due to the depletion of collagen tissue of tear groove, the eyes look darker because of the depth of eye sockets: Treatment by injecting fillers is very effective for those with deep tear groove. But it also should be injected by medical expert because this area is an area with quite a lot of blood vessels. If the injection is in excessive amount, it may cause eyes bulged which is hard to be cured.
    • Periorbital rhytids
      1. Botox injection or Botulinum toxin cause relaxation of muscles that make wrinkles disappear
      2. Treatment with Laser Resurfacing such as CO2 laser, Erbium Laser, YSGG laser reduce wrinkles around the eyes in the long term.
      3. Those whose skin around the eyes are wrinkled, sagging, drooping eyelids and drooping eyebrows should be cures with Ulthera, Thermage.

    Problems around the eyes are quite complex since the one person does not have only one issue above but often have several problems simultaneously. It thus needs to be treated by the combination of processes for the best results. Therefore, the maintenance of skin around the eyes in early age is very important to protect and delay problems mentioned above, when we are older.


    Before and after revising groove and bags under the eyes immediately after treatment


    Before and after revising groove and bags under the eyes immediately after treatment

    Article By
    Wipanee Akarapusit M.D. (Dermatologist)

    Specialize in Dermatologic Laser and Surgery, Facial Design and Body Contouring
    MSc Dermatology, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
    Specialize in Dermatologic Laser and Surgery, Facial Design and Body Contouring
    Member of American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery

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