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    Underarm brightening and smoothening

    Chicken skin underarms and dark armpit can be cured.

    Dark underarm is a huge problem that bothers both men and women.  Nobody definitely wants to have dark underarm.  Apart from dark underarm, some people are embarrassed to wear sleeveless. The weather is hot, but you cannot wear sleeveless. You must be more careful while wearing dress because of dull and unsmooth underarm skin. But clamping the problem is getting worse; it’s time to open (underarm).

    Why the armpit looks similar to chicken skin and dark?

    Underarm area is being rubbed at all times. Especially overweight people, this becomes a problem easily. Plus it is wet from sweat, resulting in hyperpigmentation. Chicken Skin is an unsmooth surface problem caused by the removal or waxing which constantly disturb the skin.

    Eliminate distractions easily.

    Light wave defeat all problems from root cause

    Lumenis HR light wave together with Fraxel Restore Er:glass 1550,  innovation permanent hair removal And reduces dullness. It also reduces some functions of sebaceous glands. The Chicken Skin blister problem, it will be better. For faster results, it will begin to see the changes after 3-4 times. Hair removal also helps tighten pores and whitening your skin gradually. Underarm skin is just like the other areas which will become smoother after getting care, no pain, no incision and no convalescence. You can show smooth and white underarm confidentially right after treatment.

    Article By
    Wipanee Akarapusit M.D. (Dermatologist)

    Specialize in Dermatologic Laser and Surgery, Facial Design and Body Contouring
    MSc Dermatology, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
    Specialize in Dermatologic Laser and Surgery, Facial Design and Body Contouring
    Member of American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery

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