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    Darken lips


    Darken lips

    Dark lips is a major problem causing concern to many women and men. If the care is not good enough or irrelevantly solved, the lips will become darker making it look ugly and undermining the beauty of your face. Lips colors normally range from bright pink, red to dark. Change in lips color is individual characteristics such as people with dark skin are likely to have darker lips than whites. It also depends on age and environmental conditions. Nature has determined that when you’re getting older your lips begins to grow dark as well as other parts of the skin.


    The factors of dark lips

    1. Individual characteristics such as people with dark skin are likely to have darker lips than whites. This is a matter of that person.
    2. Temperature may cause the lips change such as during cold weather lips may be darker because contraction of vascular and darker than usual.
    3. Those who are unhealthy such as anemia, chronic illness, patient during convalescence have little amount of blood circulation to feed the lips. Thus the lips are pale, colorless. Patients with heart disease have high blood concentration, their lips may be darker than normal.
    4. The food we eat every day also contribute to dark lips problem. For example, Celery, coriander Onion, garlic, ginger, guava or citrus fruit such as Orange, pineapple, mango and etc. Because these foods contain a substance called psoralen. When such substances are left on the lips, they do not cause problem immediately. But if these substances exposure to ultraviolet rays in sunlight, there will be chemical reaction that causes inflammatory lips and stimulate cells to produce pigment that darken the lips (Medically called allergic reaction to the sun).
    5. Some drugs are known to cause allergic reactions to the sun such as diabetic, diuretic drugs, fungus medicine, cold or allergy medicine.
    6. Dry mouth, cracked or flaky lips mainly caused by things used in everyday life. Many are unthinkable, Toothpaste and mouthwash containing fluoride or alcohol in high doses including substances that cause bubble and chemicals that cause spicy refreshing in toothpaste.
    7. Lipstick compounds that cause the most problems are color, scent, fragrance, lanolin (moisturizing) and preservative.
    8. Environment such as cool and dry climate in winter or working in air-conditioned rooms all the time and drinking less water are main causes of dry lips.
    9. Licking lips which most people do to help recovering dry and cracked lips. But the reality is at odds with most people turns out that frequent licking lips, digestive enzymes in saliva is even more disturbing.
    10. Habitual use of lip balm for a long time is one cause of dry lips. lip balm May temporarily relieve dry lips but in the long term can cause more cracked dry lips because the active ingredients contained in lip balm will generally absorb moisture of the lips.
    11. The unknown exact reasons are most commonly found. Although most people try to avoid factors ago but it has not improved. Experts recommend seeing a doctor for treatment in the long-term safety and direct point.


    Avoid chemicals or stimuli which are the root cause of the dark lips problem dry, cracked and flaky. Solution is not difficult; just follow the instructions below;

    1.Drink lots of water in enough amounts to provide adequate moisture to every part of the skin including lips because as the age increase, cells in the body retain less moisture.

    2. Rinse the mouth thoroughly after eating fruits and vegetables.

    3. Change foaming toothpaste with very spicy taste to the brand that has fewer bubbles and less spicy or kids toothpaste Or may be apply white Vaseline before brushing to prevent lips interference from toothpaste foaming. If there is no white Vaseline, baby oil may be used.

    4. Do not lick your lips, even if it keeps lips moist (temporarily). However, when the moisture evaporates, the lips will become drier.

    5. Frequently apply white Vaseline to the lips instead of too hard or dry lip gloss. Alternatively, use a lip balm with natural substances and sunscreen.

    6. Laser treatment is most effective treatment that is currently available by using standard laser.All symptoms can be treated by laser that destroys abnormal pigments such as Q-Switch Ruby Laser. In general, the treatment lasts only 1-3 times to see the results. The result will be much less depending on the individual. Prior to the treatment, anesthetic will be applied on the lips. During the treatment, you will feel like a slingshot on the lips. After shooting, the mouth is slightly swollen and become flaky in 2-3 days. Flakes begin to peel, revealing pink skin, within 1 week. The doctor will make an appointment to see the outcome and repeat treatment in the next 7-10 days.


    Article By
    Wutinan Sithipolvanichgul, MD

    Specialized in Dermatologic Surgery and Laser
    - Dermatologist, MSc UK
    - Specialized in Dermatologic Surgery and Laser
    - Member of American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery
    - Master class: Surgical Laser Procedures and Pigmented Laser in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
    - Education in laser from such medical professional as Richard Rox Anderson M.D., who has been praised for his expertise in the global skin laser.

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