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    Melasma, hyperpigmentation and dark spots

    Review treatment for melasma, hyperpigmentation and dark spots

    Treatment of melasma and dark spots at BSL clinic, you will be evaluated by a medical professional to determine the lesion whether technique should be used to remove the pigment or together with pigment destruction according to the cause of diseases in specific individual.

    Before treatment of patients who have freckles and melasma with uneven skin tone. After treatment by removing the pigment together with fixing grooves under the eyes by fillers at BSL clinic by Ananclinic.


    Before melasma treatment After 4 treatment sessions of melisma in 4 months at BSL clinic by Ananclinic

      The treatment of many common diseases such as acne, acne pits and melasma to make the skin smooth without acne

    Picture before treatment, the patient experienced in pigment degradation laser and then consulted us. This is more difficult to treat than usual. There will be leucoderma with clear edge around melisma area. Picture after treatment, the patient experienced in pigment degradation laser. But the treatment at BSL clinic pulls the pigment out, which will not be darkening after treatment.


    Before Melasma treatment                                        After trearment 3 times for 3 months at BSL clinic by Ananclinic







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